AAEON’s New Technology COM Express Module – COM-45GS

AAEON, a premier Industrial PC manufacturer, now offers a brand new Type II COM Express Module— the COM-45GS, based on the mobile Intel® GS45 chipset.  As an Intel® leading account in the Embedded Market, AAEON works directly with Intel® to create products that are on the cutting edge of embedded technology. The COM-45GS was designed to meet market demand for a lower power yet high performance module. The Computer on Module reduces development time so that your product can get to market faster with the technology and performance level that the end user demands.

The COM-45GS supports onboard Intel® Core™ 2 Duo/ Celeron® M (SFF, 22x22mm) processors and can be ordered with the Intel® SL9400 (1.8GHz @ 17W), the Intel® SU9300 (1.2GHz @ 10W) or the Intel® Celeron® 723 (1.2GHz @ 10W). The module offers 2 SODIMM slots for support of up to 8GB DDR3 in a dual channel configuration. A Gigabit Ethernet provides high bandwidth network connectivity. Also included are eight USB2.0 ports, a PATA interface to support one device, three SATA II channels, high definition audio and 4 bits programmable GPIO. Also available at the module interface are four 32-bit PCI ports, one LPC bus, one SMBus, one I2C interface, five PCIExpressx1 ports as well as x16 PCIExpress for graphics.

“The Intel® GS45 chipset is a great option for projects that require support for Low Voltage and Ultra Low Voltage processors yet still demand high performance. In addition to the higher performance Core™ Duo processors, the Intel® GS45 supports Celeron® processors at low voltage, bringing a balance of price and performance“ said Peter Yang, Product Manager of AAEON’s Embedded Computing Division.  “AAEON provides ‘Computer On Module Service’ (COMS) to minimize customer’s product developing time and cost. Utilizing AAEON’s experience and resources to develop your carrier board helps meet your technology and cost goals” Peter explained.

The Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD with Intel® Clear Video Technology allows the COM-45GS to provide high definition video playback and improved 3D rendering. All popular display output options are available, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, LVDS, DVI and analog RGB. The multiplexed x16 PCI interface allows the designer to choose from a variety of simultaneous and dual display configurations.  Hardware accelerated MPEG2 decode along with WMV9 (VC-1), H.264 (AVC), and Microsoft® DirectX 10 make the COM-45GS an ideal platform for media intense applications. Operating with a wide DC power input range (8.5V to 19V) the COM-45GS is a “go anywhere” platform. Ideal but not limited to applications in Digital Signage, Gaming & Entertainment, Healthcare, Test & Measurement, Industrial Automation, Security, Defense & Government, etc…  For more product information, please visit www.aaeon.com or contact your local AAEON Sales professional for further assistance.


AAEON Technology, established in 1992, manufactures and markets a wide range of OEM/ODM Industrial PCs all over the world. Our commitment to our customers is to provide reliable and high quality Embedded SBCs, Operator Panels, Panel PCs, Medical PCs, Embedded Controllers, Industrial Slot PCs, PC/104 modules, Full-size CPU cards, Half-size CPU Cards and related accessories.

By maintaining ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications since 1994 and 1996 respectively, AAEON ensures the commitment to delivering products of the highest quality. Becoming a publicly traded company in 2001, AAEON has demonstrated the sound fiscal policies required for good investment opportunities. AAEON continues to earn numerous citations for its remarkable contribution to the industry, including four years of Symbol of Excellence Awards and the country's Eighth Annual Outstanding Business Award. In 2003, AAEON introduced TL9000 certification to further expand their commitment to quality.

AAEON has well established, strategically positioned branches worldwide including America, the Netherlands, China and Singapore.

AAEON is an Intel® Embedded Alliance Associate member:  A community of embedded and communications developers and solution providers.  For more information, please visit www.aaeon.com

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