Embedded Computer withstands extreme vibration

Automotive appliances usually need to cope with high levels of shock and vibration. For instance, accelerations up to 50 g are not uncommon. This makes building computers for the automotive environment difficult. Especially high performance machines are affected by shock and vibration. They utilize fast and powerful processors, which in turn require sophisticated cooling solutions. Such solutions are not easily designed for rough environments. Using standard active processor coolers usually result in rather complicated setups, difficult to assemble and to maintain. Another problematic area is memory extension, where the usual off-the-shelf DIMM or SODIMM modules just feature simple direct PCB edge connectors and are secured by simple clip-on clamps only.

LiPPERT Embedded Computers addresses these issues with its Hurricane-QM57 embedded PC single board computer. The EPIC sized processor board features a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and QM57 chipset, delivering enough computing power for even the most demanding video processing tasks. In order to achieve high levels of vibration resistance, the processor and chips are placed on the bottom of the PCB, thus allowing attachment even of large heat-sinks without obstructing the connectors on the top side. The memory issue is mitigated for the Hurricane-QM57 with the newly devised RSOMM (Rugged Small Outline Memory Module) modules. RSOMM memory features a rugged indirect high pin count connector and can firmly be attached to the computer board using screws.

The Hurricane-QM57 has been tested in a test lab in order to verify its ANSI/VITA47 compliance. The tested configuration was a standard CPU board with the heat-spreader mounted on the bottom side. Three such systems were subjected to stringent examinations. Tortures involved 12g RMS vibration in all 3 directions, with frequencies from 5 to 2000 hertz, 50g shock tests, and bench drop tests. Apart from a loose screw and a connector cover, which were considered to be non critical, the boards all brilliantly held themselves.

More information is available at http://www.lippertembedded.de/de/hurricane-qm57-vita47.html

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