AE Linux Available on Cinnamon Bay SBC

Arium’s AE Linux has been ported onto ADI Engineering’s Intel® Atom™ processor-based Cinnamon Bay Single Board Computer (SBC) platform. Arium’s AE Linux distribution is targeted for headless designs requiring a small file system and kernel footprint. The Cinnamon platform is targeted at OEMs and embedded device developers who desire h i g h -p e r f o rma n c e , h i g h l y - i n t e g r a t e d computing platforms where they can directly boot AE Linux from a microSD card, making for a very compact and low-cost solution. The AE Linux root file system takes up just 117 Mbytes and the kernel image is 4.2 Mbytes for a total microSD memory requirement of 122 Mbytes. After boot, AE Linux utilizes just 10.6 Mbytes and 172 Kbytes of buffers and cache out of a total Cinnamon Bay capacity of up to 2GB of DRAM.