CoreExpress®-ECO Is Now Available with BSP for VxWorks RTOS

LiPPERT Embedded Computers’ CoreExpress-ECO evaluation kit is now available with a board support package for the VxWorks 6.8 real time operating system. This enables system developers to create hard real time applications for industrial and automotive devices quickly and easily. The proven RTOS is certifiable for stringent safety standards, and comes with many connectivity options like Ethernet, USB, serial communications, and many types of peripheral devices. Customers with a VxWorks license may use the fully documented BSP with their own carrier boards and embedded appliances.

The UL certified CoreExpress-ECO is a tiny, just 58 mm by 65 mm, advanced computer on module. Equipped with an Intel® Atom™ processor Z5xx, it comes with up to 2 GB RAM. The evaluation kit contains a carrier board, power supply, LCD panel, and full system documentation. It is available with several operating system options, among them VxWorks, Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, Linux, and QNX.