Embedded-Linux Package Targets Intel® Architecture Developers

Motherboards, based on the small form-factor Intel® Atom™ processor, can be very inexpensive, opening up new opportunities in lower-cost embedded applications that weren’t previously practical on Intel® architecture. Arium’s AE Linux is a package that targets developers who want a fast and easy solution to run an embedded Linux kernel on their Intel® processor-based platforms. This distribution uses the standard Linux build flow and is made from unmodified public distributions. The migration to newer or different Linux components is therefore unencumbered.

A professional programmer can install the entire kit and bring up a target in less than one hour. There’s no need for the developer to build any host-side, standard tools. The distribution kit contains everything needed to do the following: install all cross tools on the development host; build kernel and applications on the host for the embedded target; test the installation; and install all of the components on the target system, making it bootable. AE Linux is available free for download at: http://www.arium. com/products/102/Arium-Embedded-Linux-AE-Linux.html.