Arium SourcePoint 7.7.1 Debugger Offers Linux OSAware Support for Intel® Atom™ Processors

Arium released SourcePoint™ 7.7.1, the latest version of the company’s flagship debugger. Features and Benefits include: Engineers can now trace code execution using various hardware resources. Trace can be captured and displayed in SourcePoint in excess of 1 GB of captured instructions. Executed instructions can be viewed in either assembly, C/C++, or both. SPI and CFI devices can be programmed through SourcePoint eliminating the need for an external programming device. SourcePoint for Intel is now Linux OS-aware. Developers can debug the kernel, loadable kernel modules, and applications including threads. This seamless debug environment supports popular Linux builds including Moblin, MontaVista Linux, Wind River Linux, and all 2.6 versions from It is available with the purchase of an Arium ECM-XDP3 emulator and to all ECMXDP/ XDP3 customers.