Computing Power for Mobile Embedded Systems

With the Cool XpressRunner-GS45, LiPPERT delivers the fastest PCI/104-Express CPU board available. An Intel Core 2 Duo processor, together with the Mobile GS45 chipset, provides plenty computing power for even the most demanding mobile embedded PC applications.

LiPPERT Embedded Computers' PCI/104-Express single board computer outperforms the competition with its 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and the Intel Mobile GS45 chipset. These chips ensure very little power consumption yet allow clock speeds above 2 GHz and a 1066 MHz front side bus.

The Cool XpressRunner-GS45 can be equipped with up to 2 GB of DDR3-RAM, increasing its performance rating even further. Integrated in the Mobile GS45 chipset is a GMA X4500 high performance graphics controller. In addition to VGA and LVDS interfaces, it also handles SDVO over PCI Express. Multi-media applications are supported with a 5+1 High Definition audio (HD audio) system.

The board features a Gigabit LAN interface, eight USB 2.0 host ports and two serial interfaces, configurable for either RS232 or RS485 line standards. Two hot-plug capable on-board SATA ports are provided, too. There are four PCIe x1 lanes available for additional peripheral cards. One PCIe x16 lane can be used for an external graphics controller. The computer’s functionality can be extended using standard PC/104-Plus extension boards.

The Cool XpressRunner-GS45 comes with LiPPERT Enhanced Management Technology (LEMT) functions. These include not only housekeeping tasks, like proper power sequencing at startup and shutdown, but also provides support functions for condition monitoring and security features. There are various state counters, secure Flash memory (WORM), application-defined ID fields, and more.

The board has been designed with mobile applications in mind, where low power consumption and high computing performance are the key requirements. Optionally available are models qualified for the extended temperature range of -40°…+85°C.

The Cool XpressRunner-GS45 can be delivered from stock. Project pricing is available upon request.

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