Spectrum Digital Annnounces Two New Development Kits For TI Floating Point Digital Signal Processors

OMAP-L137 and eZdspTM F28335 Development Platforms Are Now Available

STAFFORD,  TX. (September 21, 2009) –Spectrum Digital, Inc., the leading provider of development tools for Texas Instruments (TI) Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), announces the availability of two development platforms for TI Floating Point Digital Signal Processors. These new platforms, OMAP-L137 and eZdspTM F28335, provide customers with options when developing applications requiring floating point applications.

The OMAP-L137 Floating Point Starter kit gives the user access to the OMAP-L137 device with a 300 MHz. C674x VLIW DSP floating point processor and an ARM926EJ-S processor operating up to 300 Mhz. The board has interfaces for USB, Ethernet, RS-232, SD/MMC/MMC Plus, and a TLV320AIC3106 stereo codec. For ease of debug the board comes with on board USB to JTAG emulation.The kit includes:

  • An evaluation board with the OMAP-L137 device
  • EVM board specific version of Code Composer Studio IDETM
  • Demo version of Montavista Pro 5.0
  • User documentation (Quick Start guide, EVM Technical Reference)
  • Cables (USB, Ethernet, RS-232, Stereo)
  • Power supply with 3 line cords
This OMAP-L137 platform is ideal for developing applications requiring USB or Ethernet connectivity, high speed encoding, or professional audio.

The eZdspTM F28335 is the socketless version of the original eZdspTM F28335. This gives the user a lower cost entry point into the TMS320F28335 development process. The boards contains a TMS320F28335 Digital Signal Controller (DSC) operating at 150 Mhz. with an on chip floating point unit. The board has multiple expansion connections to interface to a variety of application specific hardware. In addition built in CAN and RS-232 connectors are available.  The eZdsp F28335 also has a built in USB to embedded JTAG emulator for software debug and flash programming. The development kit includes:

  • An eZdsp F28335 board (without socket)
  • eZdsp F28335 Code Composer Studio DSK Tools
  • User documentation (Quick Start guide, EVM Technical Reference)
  • USB Cable
  • Power supply with 3 line cords

The eZdspTM F28335 is ideal for applications requiring motor or motion control, programmable power supplies, or instrumentation requiring floating point arithmatic.

The eZdspTM F28335 is also available in an OEM version for customers who require a pre-engineered F28335 target for their application. The OEM version is board only, thereby removing the costs of cables, power supplies, and documentation.

Both the OMAP-L137 and eZdsp F28335 boards have a 1 year warranty.

Pricing and Availability

 Part #                         Description                                                                   Price 


701220            OMAP-L137/C6747 Floating Point Starter Kit                        $ 4,130.00       Sep 2009

761136            eZdspTM F28335 with Code Composer Studio DSK Tools      $    325.00       Sep 2009

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