In-Vehicle Box IPC Is Ultra-Compact


Advantech now offers an ultra-compact, in-vehicle box IPC. The ARK-1388 fanless embedded box IPC focuses on in-vehicle computing systems, which are frequently required to perform under very stringent power requirements. These include loaddump, cold-crank, very low power consumption at light loads, and low-noise operation. Additionally, these solutions are generally required to be very compact and thermally efficient.

The dimensions of the ARK-1388 are 18.9 (W) x 6.38 (H) x 13.1 (D) cm. It weighs only 1.9 kg. The ARK-1388 delivers strong computing and multimedia performance with the ultra-low voltage Intel® Core™2 Duo processor U7500 1.06-GHz or Intel® Celeron® M processor 1.06-GHz processor with the Mobile Intel® 945GME chipset. Thanks to its efficient thermal design, the operating temperatures run from -20º to +60ºC. The IPC supports a rich I/O interface including four serial ports, LVDS and VGA dual independent display, 4x USBs, 1x LAN, DIO with isolation and relay function, and an amplified audio line-out plus safe boot and shutdown functions.