FFT Library from OptNgn Validated for use in Mentor Graphics’ Precision FPGA Synthesis

Silicon vendor independence achieved for high throughput FFT IP

OptNgn today announced that it has validated its newly released FFT WFTA Kernels Library of streaming IP cores for use with Mentor Graphics Precision® RTL Synthesis. These Winograd Fourier Transform (WFTA) kernels, along with their derivative 1D and 2D libraries, represent a vendor independent and high throughput way to use the cache-free FFT power available in FPGA coprocessors. Designers can now use libraries of cost effective RTL FFT elements in both their FPGAs and ASICs, knowing that they can be highly optimized by the Mentor Precision RTL Synthesis toolset. “OptNgn is an up-and-coming vendor of IP libraries for FPGAs that adds value to the DSP section of our third party IP portfolio.” said Daniel Platzker, product line director of FPGA synthesis at Mentor Graphics. “Mentor delivers a comprehensive, vendor-independent FPGA design flow, and OptNgn’s high-powered RTL FFT cores in library format provide our customers freedom to choose the best FPGA vendor for their applications.” “Our FFT libraries are useful in many application areas, including wireless (3/4GPP LTE OFDM/MIMO) and convolution flow based signal filtering and object recognition in the audio, video, and scientific areas. The vendor independence, and superior synthesis performance of Mentors’ Precision Synthesis,” said Alan Coppola, president of OptNgn “allowed us to compare and contrast algorithms, along with supplying an excellent debugging environment for finding timing problems.” About OptNgn Software, LLC OptNgn supplies FPGA coprocessor acceleration libraries and services to FPGA and ASIC designers, allowing them to speed up both their applications and their time to market. Visit the company online at www.optngn.com to learn more, download examples, view system demonstrations or make an IP purchase.