AAEON Unveils the Latest XTX CPU Module- XTX-945GSE

Taipei Taiwan (March 18, 2009)—AAEON, a premier Industrial PC manufacturer, announces the release of the XTX-945GSE which adopts the Intel® Atom™ N270 processor.  This is AAEON’s first XTX CPU module that is powered by the Atom™ series processor and the module’s low power consumption shows off the environmentally friendly edge AAEON continues to be proud to deliver. 

The XTX-945GSE features the Intel® Atom™ N270 1.6GHz processor with the 533MHz Front Side Bus, one 200-pin DDRII 400/533 SODIMM to support up to 2GB of system memory and the Intel® 945GSE + ICH7M that marries high speed expansion features with high performance and low power consumption. The XTX-945GSE accommodates four PCI-Express(x1), four 32-bit PCI, one LPC, one SMBus and one I2C bus to support expansion.

“XTX-945GSE is only one of the many newly introduced Intel® Atom™ family series in AAEON’s portfolio.  In terms of price, the Intel® Atom™ processor is an economic product that compares with the cost-competitive VIA C7® series while offering lower power consumption and higher performance,“ said Jonathan Lu, Product Manager of AAEON’s Embedded Computing Division.  “The display support of this XTX module is integrated into the Intel® 945GSE and provides video memory by sharing system memory up to 224MB by implementing DVMT 3.0.  Additionally, the XTX-945GSE supports dual-view or simultaneous CRT/LCD, CRT/TV or LCD/TV displays, one SDVO interface and up to 24-bit dual-channel LVDS LCD.  The TV technology the XTX-945GSE supports is NTSC/ PAL/ HDTV, Composite Video and S-Video on the carrier board,” Jonathan added.

One of the key features of the XTX CPU module is the cost-effective ability to upgrade the functions and performance of the system without the need to redesign the carrier board.  An existing carrier board system can be easily enhanced by installing AAEON’s XTX CPU module to verify functionality and performance. The XTX-945GSE supports the foundation interfaces found in many industrial systems such as one PATA and two SATA II for storage, two RS-232 ports, one parallel port, one PS/2 keyboard, one PS/2 mouse and one IrDA Tx/Rx connection.  AAEON also offers the DTD service to design and manufacture carrier boards that utilize any and all of the above features along with any other requirements that suit your application.

The XTX-945GSE is the right choice if you are looking for a flexible size form factor, support for I/O and expansion, low power consumption with comparably high performance and fast time to market at a reasonable cost.  For more product information, please visit www.aaeon.com or contact AAEON’s regional sales team.


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