‘Drop in Replacement’ for Intel® 80C51FA

Tekmos, Inc. introduced its new TK80C51FA microcontroller designed as a replacement for ROMless 8051 series microcontrollers that have been obsoleted by other vendors. Based around the Tekmos 8051 core, the TK80C51FA offers identical timing to the original parts. The TK80C51FA microcontroller combines 256 bytes of RAM with 3 timers, an enhanced serial channel, a PCA array, seven source / 4 level interrupt capability, and a hardware watchdog.

The TK80C51FA is designed as a pin-for-pin, code and timing compatible drop in replacement for the original 80C51FA microcontroller previously offered by Intel. It may also be used to replace members of the 80C31BH, 80C32, and 80C32X2 families currently or previously offered by Intel, Atmel, NXP and Temic. Samples for the TK80C51FA are available now. Packages are available in 44- pin QFP, 44-pin PLCC and 40-pin PDIP. Volume production will start in February 2009. Pricing for the TK80C51FA in the 44 QFP is $1.30 USD in 10,000 pc quantities.