RTS Hypervisor Version 2.0 Released for Multi-Core and Intel® Atom™ Processors

Real-Time Systems announced the general availability of its Release 2.0 of the RTS Hypervisor. With the RTS Hypervisor, it’s now possible to execute real-time operating systems (RTOSs) in parallel to operating systems like Linux or Microsoft Windows XP without adding any latencies to the native real-time performance. Deterministic behavior, such as RTOS response times, remains fully intact. Because of Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT), operating systems can be deployed unmodified and without any patches.

The concept of assigning at least one CPU core to each OS avoids dependencies between operating systems while guaranteeing hard real-time performance. Recently, however, a lot of attention has been drawn to the Intel Atom processors launched by Intel last year. Due to their low power consumption and possibility of passive cooling, this architecture attracts a lot of interest in the industry. Aside from Intel VT, these chips offer hyperthreading and can therefore be used with the RTS Hypervisor. Version 2.0 of the RTS Hypervisor has been tested and released especially for Intel Atom processor- based computers and modules.