WEBS Series Forms Complete Intel Atom Processor- Based System for Industrial Users

American Portwell Technology Inc. has introduced its WEBS family of embedded-systems solutions based on the Intel® Atom™ processor. The WEBS family fully utilizes the low-power, high-performance-per-Watt advantages of the Intel Atom processor along with its ability to facilitate fanless operation in an extremely compact footprint. At a mere 150 x 150 x 51 mm, the WEBS-2120 is smaller than Apple’s Mac mini. It is built with Portwell’s Nano-ITX embeddedsystems board.

Each member of the WEBS family, which consists of the WEBS-2120, WEBS-1310/1320, and WEBS-3330/4330, is a complete, self-contained system that eliminates the need for a custom chassis in addition to customer concerns about heat dissipation. The product family is well suited for enhancing applications in the medical, healthcare-automation, automatic- test-equipment, industrial-automation, gaming, kiosk, thin-client, and digital-signage markets. The solutions utilize the Intel Atom processor to provide fanless design for mission- critical applications, a versatile storage interface and easy data access, and a compact and user-friendly design that simplifies installation and maintenance.