Specialized Intel® Atom™ Processor Targets Cars, Internet Phones

To target additional market segments, Intel Corp. is advancing innovation around its Intel® Atom™ processor. The firm introduced four unique versions of processors and two systemcontroller hub additions to the company’s “embedded” business division product line-up. The new products for the Intel Atom processor Z5xx series include industrial-temperature options as well as different package-size choices that are better suited for in-car infotainment devices, media phones, eco-technologies, and other industrial-strength applications.

The low-power Intel Atom processor is behind much of Intel’s reach into several new computing-related market segments. The company is extending the popular Intel® architecture to embedded industries like automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), industrial control and automation, and media phones. These products also enable market-segment innovation through advancements in integrated 2D and 3D graphics, video acceleration, and support for multiple operating systems (OSs) including several versions of Windows and Linux.