Advantech Launches a Series of Intel® Atom™ Computer On Modules

From COM-Express and COM-Micro to ETX 3.0

Irvine, California, March 4th, 2009 – Advantech, a leading IPC solution and service provider, released today a series of Intel® Atom™-based Computer On Modules (COM) that cover a full range of COM form factors, from COM-Express and COM-Micro to ETX 3.0.


Advantech is about to release the SOM-5760 COM-Express module with Intel® Atom™ Z530 solution for extreme low power consumption portable device applications with maximum battery life. SOM-5761 with Intel® N270 platform provides abundant I/O interface such as PCIe, PCI, USB and SATA for low power consumption applications.


The SOM-6760 and SOM-6761 integrate the Intel® Atom™ Z530 and N270 on a small board size of 95 mm x 95 mm, together they provide for more design flexibility on the carrier board design, and allow customers to reduce the overall size of their system.

ETX 3.0

SOM-4461 is designed as the future product choice for customer’s current ETX solutions. With new generation power saving technology and IO interface, the Intel® Atom™ N270 SOM-4461 is able to provide higher processing and SATA support than old ETX products, and it allows customers to extend the product life cycle of their current ETX applications.

Benefits of Intel® ATOM™ based Computer On Modules

  • Ultra Low Power and Small Form factor
  • Extended Long Battery Life
  • Delivers Power and Performance for Portable Devices
Go Further

Advantech COM Design Support Services is also ready to provide design assistance for customer’s Atom-based projects. The Advantech Design Support Service is the sure way to success for all COM projects. Get more information and details by visiting below link: http://com.advantech.com. Advantech Intel® ATOM™-based COMs will be available starting Q2 of 2009, please contact your local sales office for information.