Multicore in the Age of the Unthinkable

By Max Domeika

Recently, I had the opportunity to read and finish in one weekend, ‘The Age of the Unthinkable’, by Joshua Cooper Ramo. My attempt at a quick summary:

"In the past, world affairs was driven by nationstates and the smaller number of players at this level of granularity mixed with less communication (both frequency and volume) made it possible to strategize, control, and influence this system. However today, with the volume of change and amount of communication between orders of magnitude more people, this sort of nation-state actor strategy is insufficient and leads to unpredictable and oftentimes the opposite of expected results, e.g. actions to counter terrorism leads to an increase in terrorism. Ramo posits that to counteract the negative forces in the world requires a strategy that is immune system-like in its response, a creative and multi-pronged approach."

As a computer scientist, I understood the concept of a world too complicated to predict outcomes. Most computer scientists are exposed to Conway’s Game of Life ...

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